About - blkbx project


Our teens are in crisis. Bullying, depression, anxiety…as a culture and society we have reached a critical tipping point. In response, the BLKBX project seeks to unlock those “black boxes” many of our teens keep deeply hidden. Finding a path toward healing requires us to unlock those thoughts, feelings and secrets in a non intimidating environment.

Our mission at BLKBX Project is to provide a safe place for teens to access resources and support, on their own, and in their own time. By connecting through music and on demand resources, users can navigate tools and topics that speak to their own struggles. Resources to take the  next step are offered but not imposed. Our mission seeks to reach teens on their own terms to let them know, they are not alone – here, they choose how to forge a path: LISTEN, LEARN, ACT.
The BLKBX PROJECT was conceived by Gaustad, a recording artist, who was deeply affected by bullying during Gaustad’s teen years. As an artist, Gautad was able to begin to express their self through writing and composing songs that tell the stories so many teens struggle with: anxiety, self-doubt, loneliness, peer pressure. When the COVID pandemic hit and we were all forced into more isolation, many teens went further inward, amplifying the already confusing world they exist in. Gaustad decided it was time to speak out. Here, with the support of your own “virtual therapist” Jaz Robbins, multiple nonprofit organizations who specialize in teen issues and trauma, and weaving in Gaustad’s own music – teens can self-direct to the elements within our black boxes, to find a path to healing.
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